5 facts about Toyota Camry you never knew

The Toyota Camry is one of the most sought after models of the Japanese brand, in Nigeria. From the ‘2.2″ to the “2.4”, you can find the old and young driving them on major Nigerian roads. But most people don’t even know the history of the model, the revolution, or extraordinary features this best seller has. There are lots of things about the Camry that you probably never knew. Here are 5 of those fun facts, brought to you by yours truly,!


The Toyota Camry is one of the most owned cars by Nigerian motorists

1. Camry means Crown in Japanese

The Toyoda Kanmuri was coined from the name of the founder (Toyoda) and the word “crown” (Kanmuri). Although the brand has used the latin words for “small crown” and “crown” for their older models – the Toyota Corolla and Toyota Corona respectively, they saved the phonetic transcription for the Camry. Therefore, it wouldn’t be out of place to feel like you’re carrying a Japanese crown around next time you’re cruising around town in your Toyota Camry.


Both Camry and Corolla mean “crown”

2. The first Toyota Camry was first launched in 1983

In 1983 the Toyota brand was looking for an ideal replacement for the Corona, and that was when the Camry was launched. It was split from the Toyota Celica Camry which was popular in the 70’s. The Japanese automaker also wanted a car that was more spacious than the Corolla and Corona. They also wanted one that could go head to head with the Honda Accord, Chrysler K model, Ford Tempo, and Chevrolet Citation. Apparently their plans worked and the Camry has been one of the brand’s best sellers in the past three and a half decades.


Toyota Camry 1983 – The first Camry

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3. The Camry has 8 generations

The Toyota Camry is currently in its 8th generation of cars. These generations have come with several designs, engine upgrades and more. The first generation are those made between 1983–1986; second generation are the 1987–1991 versions; third generation are the 1992–1996 versions; fourth generation are the 1997–2001; fifth generation are the 2002–2006; sixth generation are the 2007–2011; seventh generation are the 2012–2017; while the eighth generation are those made from 2018 till date.

4. An average of 10 million Toyota Camrys are sold annually

According to a report by the Japanese car manufacturer, 10 million units of the Toyota Camry is sold on an average each year. 2018 alone recorded 10.4 million sales of brand new Camrys. Since the car is manufactured in the United States, they account for most of the sales. The manufacturing plant is located in Kentucky, USA, from there it’s shipped to different parts of the world where demand is high – including Nigeria.

5. Camry 2000 and 2001 models are the most popular in Nigeria

The fifth fun facts about Toyota Camry is that the Camry 2000 and 2001 models are the most popular in Nigeria. They are commonly known as the “2.2”. Their popularity grew as a result of how affordable they are and how much fuel they save the driver as compared to other models. Although they are mostly used, you can get a 2.2 for as low as 750,000 naira.

The Toyota Camry got that fame for a reason, its reliability. Watch this video for explanations from famous Youtuber Scotty Kilmer:

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